Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Bloomberg Assessment - Follow-up to the Marquette Bloomberg Training Sessions

As a follow-up to the earlier AIM blog post today about Bloomberg training, Tom Brakke (author of Research Puzzle Pix) called attention to an article published recently about the value of Bloomberg training on his blog.

Tom Brakke wrote: 

"The Bloomberg Assessment - Want to show investment business employers that you have the right stuff? Maybe you should take the new Bloomberg Assessment Test. You can keep the results anonymous or you can make them available on the Bloomberg terminal. It’s an interesting idea and, while I haven’t taken the test, I like the breadth represented by the topic areas. (Here’s another idea: Have items from each of the market segment keys in the Bloomberg system: , , , etc.)

Bloomberg seems to be trying to tap into the demand for the CFA Program (here’s the number of test takers and passing rates for it since inception). It will be interesting to see if in a few years there are folks with BAT after their names.

For students and others looking to get into the business, if you have access to the Bloomberg, becoming a zen master of it is one of the best things that you can do. As with most market tools, lots of people put on their resum├ęs that they are users, but 98% of them have only a passing knowledge. Be one of the two percent and you’ll find that you’ll have something that differentiates you for years."