Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Starting today there will be new AIM Blog postings of existing holdings within the AIM Funds

AIM Blog Postings Focus on Stocks Currently Held in the AIM Equity Funds

Each week during the semester several new stock write-ups will be posted on the AIM blog: (http://aimprogramblog.blogspot.com/) and notice of the posting will be sent to our followers via LinkedIn and Twitter.

The purpose of the AIM blog postings is to inform the other student-managers of the AIM Funds (and the general public) about the current status of stocks held in the portfolio – which the student is responsible for following.

The format of this posting is different from the traditional new AIM stock write-up (which are posted on the AIM web site). 

These postings of current holdings are closer to the type of article you would read in Seeking Alpha or a Morningstar report - in other words, they are written in a livelier style (something more likely to be read by a retail, rather than an institutional investor).

The postings should showcase the AIM program and are intended to reach a broader audience than the traditional AIM equity write-ups which can be found here