Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Friday Afternoon Equity Presentations in the AIM Room and Live Web-Based Conferencing

If you have never attended an AIM equity presentation, you’re missing out on a unique experience. As the picture below shows, we pack them into the AIM Room for the stock pitches. It is typical that there will be more than 50 Marquette finance students, faculty, and investment professionals in attendance during our Friday afternoon AIM equity presentations.

These student presentations are an important element of the applied learning experience in the AIM program. The students conduct fundamental equity research and present their recommendations in written and oral format – with the goal of adding their stock to the AIM equity fund.

The comments and advice added by students, alumni and the investment community adds considerably to the AIM students’ educational experience and is greatly appreciated. Each student will spend about 5-7 minutes presenting their formal recommendation, which is then followed by about 8-10 minutes of Q & A - so it takes less than two hours to receive eight AIM pitches.

We encourage our AIM alumni and other guests to connect live to the presentations via Blackboard - our web-based conferencing tool. You can view the presentations and then offer questions via an instant messaging system. It has worked well, so please consider this option for participating in the fall.