Friday, August 29, 2014

Five Important Career Tips

These are from the New York Society of Security Analysts career web site. They have many useful articles and tips for individuals seeking to work in the investments field. Graduates of the AIM program has been successful because of good training, hard work, and avoiding silly mistakes.
Here are five career tips for you to follow at different stages of your career. They may be fairly obvious, but it’s surprising how often people overlook them.Im
  1. Understand the industry. Different aptitudes and personalities are best suited to different specialties. What are you best at? What are you most interested in? Where are your weaknesses? Managers don’t expect everyone to be talented at everything. 
  2. The best employees are the ones who come in every day and think about how they can add the most value to the rest of the team beyond their basic tasks.
  3. Try to work with leaders who you respect for their skills and integrity, and don’t hesitate to let them know when you succeed and when you make a mistake. This makes their job easier. You will gain respect by acknowledging and working on fixing mistakes. Covering up loses trust. 
  4. Don't be afraid to terminate or reassign an underperformer. Give clear feedback and a short opportunity to improve, but then move them on. Otherwise you're hurting yourself, your team, and ultimately the person themself.  
  5. Finally, have “executive presence” every day. Your bearing, confidence, tone, and choice of conversation have a major impact on people's perception of you.