Monday, August 3, 2020

In Memory of Erik Olson

August 1, 2020

Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Erik Olson. We want everyone to know that Erik was a wonderful student who fit in well with his peers at Marquette University. He was highly regarded, so the news this past week was a shock to everyone. Erik truly will be missed by all of us at Marquette.

He was in many respects the typical Marquette Applied Investment Management (AIM) student. He was a gifted scholar who majored in Finance and Economics – and Erik was passionate about working in the financial industry. 

On campus, he was the co-president and portfolio manager of the Investment Club, team captain of the Federal Reserve Challenge Team, vice president of the Marquette Economic Association, president of Delta Sigma Pi, and a student analyst within the AIM program. 

He also was active as a volunteer for StreetLife Communities in Milwaukee, as well as belonging to various social organizations. He was a hard worker and a respected colleague with an affable personality.

Coming to Marquette from Aurora, Illinois, Erik adapted to campus life and maintained an excellent GPA. He was on the Dean’s List all four years despite his busy academic and work schedule. Erik was an Eagle Scout who enjoyed traveling and spending time in the outdoors. 

During the summer of 2019, he interned at RBC Capital Markets in New York City as a Corporate Banking Analyst. This past spring Erik was accepted into an analyst program with a New York investment bank; however, Covid-19 resulted in the suspension of the program. Recently, Erik had expressed an interest in entering the Army’s Officer Candidate School and was excited about potentially starting a career in the military.

I remember having many conversations with Erik before our classes about the economy and financial markets. He was always well prepared and was a dedicated student with a strong work ethic. Erik had a kind demeanor and a pleasant smile – in short, he was an ideal student with a bright future and I will miss him.

Erik was a special person. I came to know him well and admired his honesty and wit; he was a joy to be around. I know everyone who spent time with Erik is deeply saddened by the news. He will be deeply missed by all of us in the AIM program, the College of Business, and Marquette University. He was respected by the faculty and well-liked by his fellow students and co-workers. 

In the AIM program, we will dedicate ourselves this upcoming school year to support each other and to remember Erik and his family. Our true heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.




 Dr. David Krause

Director, Applied Investment Management program

Marquette University