Tuesday, August 3, 2010

AIM Program to Begin Using Zoologic Web-Based Learning Solutions

Marquette University’s AIM program has selected SS&C's Zoologic Learning Solutions as its web-based course content provider. SS&C Technologies (ticker: SSNC, www.ssctech.com) is a global provider of financial services software and software-enabled services. AIM Director, Dr. David Krause, stated, “As of August 2010, the AIM program has created a blended learning program leveraging Zoologic’s web-based materials in accounting, corporate finance, derivatives, equity, and fixed income to support the AIM curriculum. The inclusion of the Zoologic material will help the AIM students master basic financial principles.”

Zoologic’s courseware consists of a comprehensive library of web-based financial content developed for practitioners (www.ssctech.com/productservices/online-learning.asp). The subject-matter experts consist of research analysts, business leaders, university professors and recognized authors. Backed by a vast content library, the Zoologic courseware programs are based on over 5,000 learning objects and more than 200 courses – comprising almost 700 hours of course-based online financial content. Dr. David Krause, stated, “I really like the flexibility of the Zoologic web-based content; it allowed me to easily merge specific subject matter into the existing AIM curriculum to support our in-class lectures and the material presented by outside speakers.”

Zoologic is an online learning tool which allows students to increase their financial knowledge by taking self-paced modules accessible via Zoologic’s website. Through Zoologic, students will be able to:

• Take courses on a variety of topics of a financial nature including derivatives, equity, fixed income products, foreign exchange and risk management
• Take pre-tests to ascertain their level of knowledge on a topic before starting a course
• Select and complete specific lessons in a course
• Complete exercises to reinforce learning
• Track progress through a course
• Take tests to verify their level of retention

Krause further commented, “I like the notion that my students can cover the basics at their own pace with an interactive online system. With the built-in assessments feature I will know that that they have mastered the basics, which enables me to focus more classroom time on real-time applications, case studies, practical anecdotes, and to welcome more outside speakers into the AIM program. I really like the blended learning approach.”

The Zoologic system employs learning paths, where individual course content can be mapped into a specific curriculum. Dr. Krause has worked with Zoologic curriculum planners to build four separate AIM courses – each tailored with specific course content. He stated, “We’ve built learning paths for each AIM course that allows the flexibility for students to review prerequisites and basic material before moving on to newer and more challenging content. Knowing that the students are covering and mastering the theory and principles taught online, I can focus on real world issues. This ensures us that the AIM students leave the program ready to apply their knowledge directly to their daily working life.”

The refinement of the curriculum by incorporating online content is consistent with the mission of the AIM program – which is to provide Marquette University’s undergraduate students the opportunity to integrate the financial principles they learn in the classroom along with relevant internships and investment experiences so that they may become proficient and ethical investment professionals.

Krause added, “The students also have access to ZooFIRST. This is a compliment to the Zoologic courses. ZooFiRST is a reference tool that provides “just in time knowledge” which provides immediate access to content for improving on-the-spot performance, reinforcement of learning concepts, and longer-term learning. This is going to be a very valuable learning tool.”