Sunday, February 2, 2020

Founder & CIO of Capital Innovations, Mike Underhill, Visited the AIM Program on Friday, January 31, 2020

The AIM students learned about infrastructure investing from Mike Underhill

The Founder of Capital Innovations, again poke to the AIM students regarding financial markets and investing in infrastructure

Michael Underhill,
 Founder & CIO of Capital Innovations

This past Friday, Mike Underhill visited the AIM program and spoke to both AIM classes. He is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Capital Innovations, a global real asset investment manager. 

The team at Capital Innovations has been actively observing and investing in the global markets for over twenty years.

Mike Underhill and David Krause
Dr. David Krause, AIM program director said, “It is always a pleasure to have Mike in the classroom. He is a dynamic speaker and has an incredible history of work experience with AllianceBernstein, INVESCO, Janus, Federated Investors, and Lehman Brothers. 

He is the author of the Handbook of Infrastructure Investing and is excellent in connecting with the students in the classroom. The AIM students were treated to an interesting and timely overview of infrastructure investing and I know they appreciated his visit to campus.”

Mr. Underhill talked about the industry and his firm’s fundamental investment research process and their approach to constructing and managing a real asset portfolio. 

Krause added, “I like how they allow time for their investment to work. While they do pay attention to current trends, their portfolio is built to withstand the business cycle. It was useful for the students to see the discipline required to invest in the real asset space.”

Mike provided the students with links to useful books, articles and whitepapers - and he impressed upon them the importance of deep fundamental research. He is the author of The Handbook of Infrastructure Investing.

An accomplished investor, he stressed the need to continually stay abreast of changes within the political and economic environment. 

Additionally, his optimism about the industry gave the students an opportunity to understand that within the asset management world "it’s a marathon and not a sprint."