Monday, February 10, 2020

Marquette alumnus, Bob Trotter, visited the @MarquetteAIM program and Dr. Krause's FinTech Topics class on Monday, February 10, 2020

Bob Trotter, Executive Partner with Gartner, was the guest speaker this week at Marquette

Bob Trotter, Gartner and the
University of Georgia

This week, Bob Trotter, Executive Partner at Gartner (Atlanta) and a Marquette alumnus, spoke to Dr. Krause’s AIM and FinTech students. 

Gartner is an international technology research firm – and Bob’s role with the company is to help Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in mid-size and large organizations make strategic decisions concerning technology and business activities.

Bob also is an instructor at the University of Georgia - where he teaches a FinTech Topics course.

Mr. Trotter serves the Atlanta area delivering IT advisory services to support CIOs and technology executives with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve strong business results and to develop themselves as successful leaders.

Bob Trotter presenting to the AIM
students at Marquette
Dr. Krause said, “Gartner is one of the very top global research and advisory firms and they are known for their expertise in the area of information technology research and consulting. Bob provided great examples of the growing role of FinTech. He offered the students information and advice about opportunities within the industry. It was a pleasure to host him on campus on Monday.”

One of the most interesting points of discussion involved the rapid growth of the FinTech industry in the Atlanta area (known also as Georgia's Transaction Alley). 

Krause noted, "Seven of the largest ten US card acquirers, and six of the larges payment processing firms are headquartered in Atlanta. They are making a push to be the undisputed FinTech hub of the United States. It was interesting to learn from Bob about the Georgia FinTech Academy and their efforts to create certificate programs."

During his presentation to the students, Trotter talked about the changing landscape of financial services providers. He said, "The industry is at a critical juncture amidst the onslaught from digital disruption and emerging technologies. Companies will have to move faster by building digital platforms or finding niche products and services to engage on others' platforms."

Bob Trotter, Gartner Executive Partner

"We always appreciate when our alumni can join us in the classroom," added Krause. "Bob was an excellent speaker - he is inspiring and offers a positive vision for FinTech's future. I hope we can replicate the success of the Atlanta effort at Marquette where I believe we have the opportunity to take leadership in the FinTech area."