Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Timothy Ng, CIO of Clearbrook Consulting, conducted a virtual update to the Marquette AIM students today

Connecting with us from New York, Tim Ng discussed with the AIM students the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the global economy and financial markets

The Marquette AIM students had a virtual update today from Tim Ng, Chief Investment Officer of Clearbrook Consulting

Tim Ng, Clearbrook Consulting
Today, Wednesday April 15, 2020, Tim Ng joined Dr. David Krause and the AIM Class of 2021 via a virtual meeting connection and provided an economic update. He addressed the current market environment after the federal government’s recent massive fiscal and monetary stimulus.

He also provided meaningful insights about the market relative to previous ‘black swan’ events and provided comments about the potential setup of some ‘cheap asset’ buys. While indicating that the market is likely still to have wide fluctuations, Tim indicated that there are attractive opportunities that will avail themselves – especially before the COVID-19 all-clear has been given. He liked US equities as an asset class above all others.

Dr. Krause commented, “Tim did a marvelous job and the students had many questions – we stopped after fifty minutes, but many of us stayed online for much of the next hour. He covered a lot of ground, but provided enough detail to allow the students to put the current situation into context. I also like how he discussed all asset classes and was able to talk about recommendations for asset allocations that pension funds, endowments and foundations are implementing.

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Tim answered students’ questions including those about the impact of COVID-19 has had on specific industries and how some will be affected in the long-term in varying ways.
Tim Ng joined Clearbrook in 2010 and serves as the Chief Investment Officer, as well as the Head of the Clearbrook Investment Committee. Within this role, Tim is involved in global macro and manager research, portfolio analysis and risk management.

Prior to Clearbrook, Tim was President and Chief Investment Officer of Structured Investments Group, LLC. Tim began his career in 1982 and has served as an alternative investment and hedge fund advisor in numerous capacities. Tim was a Managing Partner with Access International Advisors and has held the title of Senior Vice President in varying roles at Prudential Securities, Smith Barney, and Oppenheimer & Company.

Active vs. passive investing
During his career, Tim was one of the first advisors to place investor capital into hedge funds, portable alpha portfolios, structured/hedge fund linked notes, and insurance dedicated hedge fund products. Tim has had oversight of more than $5 billion of investor capital on behalf of corporations, pension funds, endowments and foundations, banks, investment advisory firms, and family offices.

Tim received a BA in Economics from Stony Brook University and an MBA with honors from Long Island University. Tim has 33 years of investment experience.