Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New AIM Students in the Class of 2013 to Complete Bloomberg Essentials Training

AIM Room, 4th Floor, Straz Hall

Dr. David Krause, the AIM program director at Marquette University, said, "Since the total number of Bloomberg terminals in the AIM Research Room has grown to four, it is now possible to accommodate the newest group of AIM students (Class of 2013) and allow them to complete their Bloomberg Essentials online training program before the spring semester. The introduction to the Bloomberg Professional Service will familiarize them with its basic functionality. Learning how to use Bloomberg effectively has put our students on the path to becoming comfortable with using this advanced technology in the workplace. I think that adding the Bloomberg certificate to their resume will continue to demonstrate to prospective employers that the AIM students are ready to hit the ground running."

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The Applied Investment Management room (located on the fourth floor of Straz Hall on the Marquette University campus) provides AIM students access to Bloomberg Professional. The Bloomberg Essentials Online Training program is designed to provide users with an introduction to Bloomberg Professional Service. Four core videos provide users with the basic Bloomberg functionality and supplemental market sector videos provide users with an introduction to the major market fundamentals.

General information for AIM students to complete the training program follows:

  • Program enrollment: To sign up for the Bloomberg program the students must register for their own unique username.
  • Prerequisite/requirements: Participation or enrollment in the AIM program or a declared finance major.
  • Charge: This program is free of charge to MU students.
  • AIM Room Hours: The same as those of the Marquette University College of Business Administration hours. Be sure to check over spring and summer breaks for the hours that Straz Hall (COBA building) will be open.
  • Duration of program: Students can work on the program at their own pace; however, AIM students in the Class of 2013 have until the third week in January 2012 to complete their training. Users of a Bloomberg terminal can can book one 1 hour session per day - otherwise the terminals are available on a first come - first serve basis. Note: The Raynor Library now has two Bloomberg terminals available to the entire Marquette student body.
  • Bloomberg User ID: Students must create their own Bloomberg user ID and login. To do so from the Bloomberg terminal type in UREG. Students will then speak with Bloomberg Customer service during this process to validate their user name and ID.
  • Equipment: Students are encouraged to bring and use their own head set.

Bloomberg Essential Classes

  • This is an eight course program in which five courses must be completed in order to receive the Acknowledgement of Completion (4 Core Courses and 1 course in any one of the four asset class designations).
  • There are four Bloomberg Core Videos (Getting Started, Bloomberg News, Market Monitors and Launch Pad and API - Bloomberg Data in Excel) and four Bloomberg Market Sector Videos (Equity Essentials, Fixed Income Essentials, FX Essentials and Commodity Essentials).
  • In order to earn an Acknowledgement of Completion, users must take the Core Exam along with any one of the Market Sector Exams and earn a grade of 75% or better on each of the exams.
  • Users can complete all 5 (1 Core and 4 Market Sector) exams if they would like to receive an acknowledgment document for each of the four Market Sectors.
  • Class videos are viewed from the Bloomberg terminal located in the AIM Room and the Raynor Library through the function BESS.

Downloading Video and Documents:

  • Before a student starts a class video, they are encouraged to download the documents for the class by typing CHEAT.
  • The course documents are under this function (CHEAT).
  • To download the document for the first Core course: Click on 1) Getting Started. Click on 2) A Booklet: Getting Started on Bloomberg. This booklet provides an introduction to the Bloomberg terminal's navigation and functionality.
  • Download and save the PDF to the Bloomberg document for later viewing and/or printing.
  • Type in BESS and choose the class that you want to view. Courses are progressive and should be taken in order. Clicking on the course name will start the video.
  • To start the first core video click on: 2) Getting Started (Under Bloomberg Core Videos).
  • To access the FAQs on the Bloomberg Essentials Program, click on 1) Questions, at the top of the Bloomberg Essentials Home Page. The FAQs provide information on the videos and on the exams.
Bloomberg Courses

Bloomberg Core Courses
Course name
Approximate Viewing Time
Getting Started
18 minutes
Bloomberg News
18 minutes
Market Monitors and Launch Pad
18 minutes
API (Bloomberg Data in Excel)
30 minutes
Bloomberg Market Sector Courses
Course Name
Approximate Viewing Time
Equity Essentials
30 minutes
Fixed Income Essentials
30 minutes
FX Essentials
30 minutes
Commodity Essentials
30 minutes


  • After completing the four Core courses (Getting Started, Bloomberg News, Market Monitors and Launch Pad and API - Bloomberg Data in Excel), users will need to take an exam. Users will also need to take an exam after completing one of the Market Sector courses (Equity Essentials, Fixed Income Essentials, FX Essentials or Commodity Essentials).
  • Each student will need to pass each exam with a 75% passing grade in order to receive the Acknowledgement of Completion. You may complete each of the Market Sector courses and take an exam for each Market Sector course to receive an Acknowledgment of Completion for each asset class.
  • Each exam contains about 30 questions.
  • In order to access the exams, type 6) off of the Bloomberg Essentials Home Page and request that you get enabled for the Core, Equity, Fixed Income, Commodity or FX exam. Once enabled, go back to the Bloomberg Essentials Home Page and type 7) to access the exams.
  • The student's exam grade will immediately appear upon completion of the exam.
  • Exam retakes will not be offered.
  • Bloomberg will not authorized access to exams unless you view the class.
  • If you start an exam and are unable to finish it during your session, the exam will be saved under your login, but it is recommended that you complete it within 24 hours.

Acknowledgment Documents

  • To request the Acknowledgment Document, type 6) off of the Bloomberg Essentials menu and provide your name and your email address and specify the Market Sector course that you completed.
  • An Acknowledgment Document will be issued upon completion of the four Course courses and one of the Market Sector courses.
  • Acknowledgment Documents will be emailed within 2 weeks of the request by Bloomberg.
Dr. Krause said, "I am very pleased that all of the students in the AIM Class of 2013 will have successfully completed the Bloomberg Essentials training by the time classes start in the spring semester. The ability to use Bloomberg is seen as an important skill - almost as essential as being able to effectively model using Excel. This was the first semester that students were required to complete the training and I believe it will pay significant dividends for them down the road."