Friday, November 11, 2011

Students in the AIM Program were busy in October

October was another busy month for Dr. David Krause and the students in the AIM program. In addition to chaperoning 22 students on the annual Financial Management Association trip to New York City and presenting at two Circles alumni events in Boston and Chicago, Dr. Krause and the students in the AIM program kept a busy pace.  
While September was full of activity (visit previous blog entry:, the strides in October were also significant and contained numerous AIM-related events. Visitors to the AIM classroom in October included:
  • Luke LaManna (Wells Capital Management, Equity Research)
  • Brian Helmer (UW-Madison, Applied Security Analysis Program)
  • Scott Roberts (Ziegler Lotsoff Capital Management, CEO)
  • Janet Rilling (Wells Capital, Fixed Income, Senior Portfolio Manager)
  • Tim O’Donnell (Lazard Middle Market, Analyst)
  • Dan Ortego (Marquette University Business Career Center, Director)
  • Liz Uihlein, (Uline, President)
  • Brian Uihlein, (Uline, Vice President of Marketing)
  • Andrew Goltra, (Uline, Senior Merchandising Manager)
  • Danielle Gough, (Uline, Human Resources Manager)

During the month, Dr. Krause also visited off campus with Jeff DeAngelis (Mason Street Advisors), Alison Bettonville (Capital Strategies Investment Group), Mary Ellen Stanek (R.W. Baird and Company), Jon Langenfeld (R.W. Baird and Company), David Tarantino (R.W. Baird and Company), Dan Tranchita (R.W. Baird and Company), and Pat Lawton (R.W. Baird and Company).
Dr. David Krause is a member of the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre’s Investment Committee. He attended the October meeting where it was agreed by the committee that a group of Marquette’s AIM students would conduct an independent evaluation of the foundation’s investment policy statement and portfolio holdings. Five AIM students are currently working on the review and will present their findings to the Rep’s Investment Committee in November – another example of the ‘applied’ learning experiences that students receive in the AIM program.
In addition to a full schedule of classroom speakers and outside visits, the AIM students held three more sets of equity presentations. The October ‘road shows’ (where AIM students pitch their stock recommendations before a group of investment professionals) were hosted by Wells Capital Management, Mason Street Advisors, and Marquette’s Chicago alumni. Dr. David Krause, AIM program director said. “The students appreciate the opportunity to visit investment firms and to pitch their stock choices. These ‘road trips’ support the applied element in our program and allow the students to real world practice of the principles they are learning in the classroom.”

Six AIM students also trekked to Chicago to attend the Circles (alumni) networking event. Over 350 alumni attended the event which included many recent AIM graduates.
In short, the AIM program has begun the first two months of the semester with an aggressive schedule that’s not likely to slow down. Dr. Krause stated, “We have three more sets of equity presentations scheduled this fall, including visits to Timpani Asset Management, American Family Insurance, and an internal presentation in the AIM Room. Additionally we have many more speakers scheduled for the semester including Jim Bianco, Pat Brown, Tim Fotsch, Chris Cebula, John Decaro, Jeff Bryden, Mike Carlson, Monique Erickson, Mark Ziehr, Will Nasgovitz, Michelle Picard, and others. We're having a very good semester and I’m certain we’ll end on a high note." 

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