Monday, October 24, 2016

Marquette's Dean of the College of Business Administration, Dr. Brian Till, Traveled with Dr. Krause and the Finance Students to New York City During Fall Break

Dean Till joined Dr. Krause and Jeff Germanotta – along with 26 Marquette finance students – for the 13th NYC trip!

Fall 2016 NYC Trip Members (at 30 Rockefeller Center)
Dr. David Krause (Director of Marquette’s Applied Investment Management program) and 26 finance students were joined during their annual New York City trip by the COBA Dean, Dr. Brian Till. In addition, Finance Lecturer, Jeff Germanotta, also accompanied Dr. Krause and the students as they visited investment banks and asset managers this past week. 

Dr. Krause said, “The students and I appreciated having Dean Till and Mr. Germanotta 'embedded' with the troops during our NYC experience. They traveled with us to all stops – grabbing pizza on the go, riding the subway and fighting through the crowds during rainy weather. I know the students appreciated their involvement.”

Marquette students in Times Square
Krause added, “Michele Galioto, Marquette’s Regional Advancement Director in New York was also with us the entire time. Michele is invaluable given her understanding of NYC and her close work with our New York based alumni. She also played a valuable role in making the trip a success again.”

Everyone stayed in the heart of Times Square at the Novotel Hotel and enjoyed the close proximity to major New York attractions. “While we were busy almost the entire time with visits to major investment banks and asset management firms, we still found time to view Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, 5th Avenue, and other landmarks,” Krause added.

The visits on Wednesday afternoon included stops at Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. “We had another good visit with Steven Holtkamp, Berent Kowarick and Brendan Mahon of Morgan Stanley’s Private Wealth Management group. We also had an opportunity to hear from their campus recruiter about internship opportunities. It was a good first visit and allowed the students an opportunity to hear from three alumni close in age to them,” Krause commented.

Manhattan - the center of the financial universe
The group next proceed to nearby Bank of America Merrill Lynch. This was a special visit with John Barrett as he provided access to two high level capital market and investment banking speakers. The students then had an opportunity to discuss a case study with Mr. Barrett, Tom Kruse and Ross Michler - all Marquette alumni. 

Dr. Krause said, “Our alumni at BoA/ML put together a fantastic visit. Besides the presentations of two very senior executives, the case study was a great idea. I know that John Barrett and Jeff Germanotta had conversations about this prior to the visit – and it paid dividends. This was a great way to connect the different functional areas within the bank.”

While Dean Till, Dr. Krause and Mr. Germanotta were attending a dinner on Wednesday evening with 15 Marquette alumni, the students had an opportunity to relax and explore the restaurants in nearby Hell’s Kitchen. Given that many had been up since 3:00 am – there were probably a decent number of students that turned in early.

Marquette students at 30 Rock in Manhattan
The first visit on Thursday morning was at BNP Paribas. Notable alumni at the firm include Rick Broeren, Louis Moran, Monica Raciti, Hendrik van der Zandt, Connor Muth and Jack Casey. "Claire Cerni again did a tremendous job organizing the visits and BNP remains one of the students’ favorite NYC visits," according to Dr. Krause.

After visiting the Paris-based global investment bank, the students hustled across mid-town Manhattan (stopping for pictures at Rockefeller Center) to learn about private wealth management at Citi Private Bank. 

Marquette has many prominent Marquette alumni with Citi including Dan Williams, Robert Leonard, Ann Eberle Thomas, Adam Bordner, Ryan Bailey, Kevin Lane, Colin Canfield and Clermond Jean. Nearly every year since 2005, the Marquette students have been hosted by Citi during the fall visit and this year’s group had a chance to learn about the inner workings of Citi Private Bank. 

The 2016 Marquette NYC Experience
Again on the move, the group headed down Park Avenue to JP Morgan. Current Marquette alumni at JPM include Gerry Madigan, Ryan Loftus, Christina Starkey, Alex Ibrahim, Demetrius Liston, Mariano Sanz and Vanessa Foltinger Garcia. Christina Starkey hosted a large group session and the students had an opportunity to learn firsthand about the firm and the five different functional areas represented at the gathering.  

Times Square view
from the Novotel Hotel

The group then headed further down Park Avenue to visit FactSet Research Systems. The AIM program is a subscriber to FactSet and Greg Romais and other personnel provided an overview of the FactSet platform. The students had an opportunity to view a demonstration of the newest features of the firm’s financial software and data services.

The final site visit of the day was at the Americas’ headquarters of Societe Generale. Guido van Hauwermeiren was the host and he was joined by Dan Alon, an AIM alumnus, and other key members of the capital markets and investment banking teams. The students also were treated to a visit of Soc Gen's trading floor.

Dean Till waits for our subway
to lower Manhattan
Societe Generale, another Paris-based bank, then hosted this year’s Marquette Finance Student & Alumni Reception. Dr. Krause, , Dean Till and Megan Carver, Associate Director of the Kohler Center for Entrepreneurship, provided insights about new developments at Marquette. 

Dr Krause said, “We were pleased to be the guests of Guido van Hauwermeiren and Societe Generale. It was a wonderful evening of Marquette fellowship and celebration. We are fortunate to have the support of many great friends and alumni – it was a fantastic networking event for the students and young alumni.”

On Friday morning the students and Dr. Krause started the day at Balyasny Asset Management (a major hedge fund), located at the corner of 5th Avenue and 59 Street – a famous location in the heart of Manhattan. Scott Schroeder is a current Marquette trustee and a co-founder of BAM – and along with Jack Sullivan, an analyst and AIM alumnus – organized the event. 

Jack Sullivan explained his role and responsibilities as a consumer goods analyst and then proceeded to bring in numerous speakers to talk about the different functions within the hedge fund, including portfolio management, risk management, business development, and data analytics. Dr. Krause said, “Many of the students indicated to me after the visit to Balyasny that this was one of the major highlights of the trip. The firm’s culture is very unique – with an enormous amount of collegiality and cooperation. You could see that people at BAM genuinely enjoy working there and function well as a team.”

2016 Marquette NYC Trip Members (at the NYSE in the rain)

Unfortunately the skies of New York opened up at that point and the students had to sprint to nearby Bloomberg. Breaking into small groups, the students were taken on a tour of the global  media and financial services giant.  The AIM program is a Bloomberg subscriber and Cody Clarkson served as the host demonstrating the newest features and functions of the information system. 

Image result for tom keene
Bloomberg's Tom Keene
The students had a special treat as they had an opportunity to interact with Tom Keene, Editor of Bloomberg News. The Marquette students then had the opportunity to travel to one of the top floors of the famous NYC skyscraper and view Central Park – which was spectacular even during the rainstorm.

Dean Till embedded with the Marquette students
in NYC subway system
Next the students had to navigate the NYC subway in order to reach lower Manhattan. Upon exiting at the Wall Street station, they were greeted by another downpour – and after the annual visit to the New York Stock Exchange and the Wall Street bull – the students scattered for shelter with most heading directly to RBC Capital Markets – the next investment bank on the schedule. 

Dr. Krause and a group of students attempted to brave the weather and view various lower Manhattan landmarks (i.e. Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the World Trade Center memorial); however, they eventually sought shelter at the food court in the RBC building. The alumni hosts at RBC included Jason Spacek, Leslie Vowell, Michael O’Carroll, and Colleen Osborne. This meeting again afforded the students an opportunity to learn more about different functions areas of a major investment bank.

After this visit the students returned via subway to the Novotel Times Square where they enjoyed their free time. While most hit the town during the rest of the evening, they were in the lobby early on Saturday morning and on their way to LaGuardia Airport and back to Milwaukee by early afternoon.

New York skyline at sunset
Dr. Krause said, "This was again another outstanding trip – and it was all made possible through the support of our NYC Marquette alumni group. In addition to the yeoman’s pre-visit work done by Michele Galioto, we’d like to thank Dean Till for joining us this year." 

"We are all extremely thankful for this special opportunity to visit NYC. Our alumni are fantastic – they go out of their way to open up their firms and allow our students to experience the workplace and corporate culture - it is an amazing opportunity for our students. I know for some that this visit is a career altering event," Dr. Krause said.