Sunday, August 26, 2018

Marquette's AIM Small Cap Fund Continues Impressive Performance Run

As of 8/24/2018 the AIM Small Cap Fund is Besting the Benchmark Across All Measurement Periods

The students in Marquette's Applied Investment Management (AIM) program will be returning from their summer internships on Monday, 8/27 and will be pleased by the outstanding performance of the AIM Small Cap Fund.

Since June 30th, the AIM Fund is up 8.69% compared to the Russell 2000 Index which is up 5.18%. Over the past 12 months the AIM Fund is up over 37% - nearly 10% above the benchmark. 

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director, said that "the performance of the AIM Small Cap Equity Fund has been nothing short of amazing....based on Morningstar rankings of other actively managed small cap blend funds, the AIM Fund is in the top 2% over the past 1- and 2-year periods." 

Dr. Krause added, "This is not just the performance of one AIM class, but the cumulative performance of many of the past groups of AIM students. Our 5- and 10-year returns are above the Russell 2000 benchmark - and not many active managers can make that claim."

The AIM students will be studying portfolio performance metrics early in the fall semester. They will have an opportunity to dissect the return performance to understand the areas of strength and weakness. Note: the performance of the individual holdings of the AIM Small Cap Fund are posted in a separate table in another blog entry.