Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Finance in NY Program Offered by Marquette University is Gearing Up for 2019

Plans for the 2019 Finance in New York Program Are Underway

Marquette’s Finance in New York Program is an exciting new applied-learning opportunity for qualified junior and senior accounting, economics, and finance majors to experience working, learning and living in the world’s financial capital. 

Jeffrey Germanotta
Jeffrey Germanotta, Director
of the Finance in NY Program
Jeffrey Germanotta, Director of Marquette’s Finance in New York Program, stated that “our alumni have been fantastic in supporting the new NY finance program.   We once again plan to offer the program in the summer of 2019, based on rising student and employer interest. “

The program enables students to be engaged in full-time internships, have the opportunity to participate in alumni networking and social events, and  experience the cultural riches of New York City by taking a special cultural course Society taught by Dr. Curtis Carter.  

Image result for marquette university college of businessDr. David Krause,AIM program director, commented “Marquette’s alumni have always been fantastic advocates for the AIM program and our students — I am not surprised that Mr. Germanotta has received tremendous support. The alumni base has always been there when we have needed them --- thank you!”

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Germanotta continued, “We’re also introducing a spring 2019 New York program enabling students to be engaged in part-time internships, continue there full-time studies and participate in alumni networking and social activities. If your firm has a spring internship program or you have a project you could use a student to help with, let us know.”

Please contact Jeff Germanotta [], the program director or Karen Rinehart [] at the Business Career Services Center. 

There will be informal sessions about the program delivered during the first week of the fall semester. Mr. Germanotta will be discussing the program with the newest AIM class, as well as visiting other Marquette finance classrooms.

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