Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Marquette Alumnus and Wasatch Ultra Growth Fund Portfolio Manager, John Malooly, Again Visited the AIM Program

On Monday, March 2, 2020, John Malooly, CFA, paid his annual visit to Marquette’s AIM program

For well over a decade, John Malooly, a Marquette College of Business graduate and portfolio manager at Wasatch Advisors, has addressed the students in the AIM program

John Malooly, PM of the Wasatch Ultra Growth Fund
On March 2nd, John Malooly, CFA, paid his annual visit to Marquette’s AIM program. This is John’s 13th year returning to his alma mater to address the students in the program.

John graduated from Marquette’s College of Business Administration in 1990 and is now in his 22nd year at Wasatch Advisors, which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the Lead Portfolio Manager for the Wasatch Ultra Growth Fund – and he is also an analyst and co-PM on other Wasatch small cap funds. 

The Wasatch Ultra Growth (WAMCX) has been an incredibly performer. John’s mutual fund excels in selecting small-cap growth stocks.

John Malooly visited the AIM program again in 2020
AIM director, David Krause said, “John’s approach at Wasatch has been based on fundamental bottom-up analysis which is consistent with what our AIM students learn. His class presentation that included numerous examples helped to reinforce the concepts and approach to investment analysis that we employ in the AIM program. John’s visit is always one of the highlights of the semester and it is always great to have John back on campus again.”

John Malooly has been a Portfolio Manager for the Wasatch Ultra Growth Fund since 2012.  He was previously a Portfolio Manager for the Wasatch Micro Cap Value Fund.  He joined Wasatch Advisors in 1997 as a research analyst on the Small Cap Growth Fund.  From 1999 to 2003, he worked as a Senior Research Analyst on the Micro Cap Fund.

John is a Wisconsin native from the Green Bay area who enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family. Krause added, “John is a great friend of the AIM program and an excellent resource – I know the students enjoyed having lunch with him and getting the chance to talk stocks.”

Incredible performance!

John’s fund has been a perennial outperformer of the benchmark (Russell 2000 Growth Index). In 2019 his fund was the award winner of Investor’s Business Daily Best Mutual Funds for U.S. Diversified Stock, Growth and Small Cap categories.

One of the students asked John how his fund has been able to outperform so consistently? And always humble, John replied that he worked with a great team and that their focus is on companies with high-quality management teams and solid business models. He tries to find companies that are disrupting and not being disrupted.

John Malooly has visited the AIM program
nearly every year since 2005
Krause stated, “This should sound familiar to students who have passed through the AIM program over the years. We always require students to write a term paper on innovations and disruptions that are occurring within their sectors. And like John and his team, we are trying to find companies across sectors that are going to benefit from advances in technology and changes to industry models.”

The beauty of John and his team’s approach is that they are long-term investors and are not focused on the next quarterly earnings call. They invest with a three to five year horizon and not three to five days or weeks. “It is always a pleasure to host John,” added Krause. “He is the type of investor we need – the focus should be on a firm’s long-run earnings growth potential and not some short-term piece of information. He’s a superstar!”