Thursday, March 5, 2020

Meet Tim Hanley, Marquette University’s Interim Keyes Dean of Business Administration

Tim Hanley is Marquette’s Interim Keyes Dean of Business Administration

Tim Hanley, Interim Dean of the College of
Business Administration, Marquette University
This week Marquette’s Provost, Dr. Kimo Ah Yun, announced that Tim Hanley, who has been serving as the college’s executive-in-residence, will serve as the interim Keyes Dean of Business Administration.

Tim is a 1978 graduate of the college and a former senior partner at Deloitte. Additionally, he was the College of Business Administration’s 2012 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year and a long-time member of the college’s Dean’s Council. He formerly led Deloitte’s Global Consumer and Industrial Products industry, and also has held a variety of other leadership roles during his long and distinguished career.

We are in good hands because Tim had developed a close working relationship with Joe Daniels and is supportive of the College’s strategic plan and the vision Joe was working to implement.

Tim brings a wealth of business leadership experience to the College, and as an engaged alumnus he has worked closely with past deans and faculty members to advance the strategic direction of the College. He is an ideal fit to help the business school continue its momentum in finishing the funding for the new building and to support our innovative leadership programs.

While his primary focus in the interim dean's role will be external with a major focus on fundraising, I know Tim’s leadership style is one of working with faculty, staff, alumni, business leaders and students. His approach is collaborative and open – and he will be a good fit for the College. Dave Clark, our associate dean, will keep the trains running on time and will deal with most of the academic and internal-related aspects for the College. So, overall we are in good hands.

Marquette has been a huge part of the Hanley family background. Tim’s father was an Engineering graduate in 1951, and was quite active with the Marquette Alumni association his entire life. Three of Tim’s brothers also attended Marquette, all graduates of the College of Business. Monica, Tim’s spouse, also attended Marquette, and two of their four children also attended Marquette.

Tim had a great career working at both Arthur Andersen and Deloitte, and has lived in the Milwaukee area the past four decades. When he retired in May 2019, Tim accepted a position in the College as the Executive in Residence which is an important piece of the strategic plan – and he is fully capable of stepping into the role as our interim dean.

We are confident that Tim will help all of us deliver on Joe Daniels’ vision for a world class business school and help us move into a new facility that will enable Marquette to be a leader for decades to come. 

Tim, Welcome and best wishes.