Sunday, October 10, 2010

AIM Super Saturday Held on October 9 for Class of 2012 Applicants

On Saturday, October 9, a 'Super Day' was held for the students aspiring to become members of the AIM Class of 2012. Each student had at least eight interviews during the course of the morning with AIM alumni and various local investment professionals.

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director said, "It was great to have so many AIM grads return to campus to lend a helping hand on a Saturday morning. The AIM decision process is very challenging and I appreciate all of the help the interviewers provided. Each of the interviewers meet a minimum of 14 AIM applicants - so we had a good opportunity to meet and thoroughly interview each of the students."

Following the interviews, Dr. Krause met with the group to discuss each of the applicants. "The process is quite thorough. We reviewed all of the students resumes, application essays, letters of recommendation, and their transcripts. I completed a similar process earlier in the week with College of Business Administration faculty and administrators."

A sincere thank you goes out to everyone that helped in the AIM interview process, including:

  • Pat Abeln (Baird)
  • Zach Bloom (Mason Street Advisors)
  • Steven Briggs (Morgan Stanley)
  • Chris Cunningham (Ennis Knupp)
  • Jeff Ehman (CTI)
  • Tim Fotsch (Wells Capital)
  • Amie Hahn (Mason Street Advisors)
  • Luke Junk (Baird)
  • Andrew Knapp (Baird)
  • Luke Lamanna (Wells Capital)
  • Peter Merkel (Grosvenor Capital Management)
  • Chris Merker (Baird)
  • Greg Rawls (Midwest Mezzanine Funds)
  • Jason Rector (Mesirow Financial)
  • Matt Rose (Alpha Consulting)
  • Katie Schoen (Baird)
  • Andy Verchota (Cortina Asset Management
  • Corbin Weyer (Baird)
  • Barrett Willich (Winona Capital Management)
  • Katherine Wycklendt (Baird)
  • Dr. Sarah Peck (Department of Finance)
  • Dr. Manoj Kulchania (Department of Finance)
  • Dr. Marcus Braga-Alves (Department of Finance)
  • Dr. William Hunter (Department of Finance)
  • Daniel Ortego (Business Career Center)
  • Karen Rinehart (Business Career Center)
  • Dr. Margaret Bernhart (Dean's Office)
  • Dr. James McGibany
  • Brady Endl (Graduate Assistant)