Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Buzz Williams and AIM

Buzz Williams
Hearst Twoer
Dr. David Krause, AIM program director said, "On our trip to New York last week the students and I were on the same flight as Buzz Williams - Marquette men's basketball coach. He was headed to NYC for the Big East media day and also because he was the featured guest at the Marquette Circles event in New York City at the Hearst Tower. We had a great conversation about the similarities between the MU basketball team and the Applied Investment Management program." 

Dr. David Krause
Dr. Krause continued, "I told Buzz that I had read the Journal-Sentinel interview with him on media day (note: to access the full transcript of the interview, go to: http://tiny.cc/tcev0) and that I could relate to the 'us versus them' attitude that exists. It seems to some that Marquette doesn't get the same respect in the Big East as many of the East Coast schools - and I said that we encounter the same attitude when our students compete for jobs on Wall Street versus students from East Coast 'target' schools. We both concluded that we needed to outwork our competition, stop complaining, and lead the league in floor burns."


"It was an interesting conversation that we had and one which highlighted the fact that we need to earn respect," Krause added. "Buzz's MU Circles interview before several hundred MU alumni last week was fun to attend - he had some interesting call-outs to various people in the audience, including the finance students traveling with me to New York. This should be an interesting team to watch this year and I feel a special bond now exists between us - as we both face the David v. Goliath East Coast syndrome. Let's hope we both generate the same results as David. Good luck to Buzz and the team! Go Marquette...."