Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AIM Students Again Go on the Road to Pitch Stocks

The newest class of AIM students are completing their first equity research projects and are going on ‘road shows’ in March and April to pitch their stocks. Since spring break three of the six sets of AIM equity presentations will be held away from the Marquette campus and in the offices of investment companies.  In a previous newsletter we reported about the Chicago road trip that was held in March. Since then five AIM students and Dr. Krause visited Geneva Capital Management on April 13, where they pitched their recommendations before Bill Priebe, Michelle Picard, Scott Priebe, Jose Munoz (MU AIM ’11), Nicholas Bauer, Derek Pawlak (MU), and Katie Immel. The AIM students who presented at Geneva Capital Management were Brent Adams, Greg Trunk, Jillian Morrissey, Kobe Park, and Steve Demogerontas. 

“The session at Geneva Capital Management was another valuable applied learning experience for our students,” said Dr. David Krause, AIM program director. “The professionals knew our stocks and asked many insightful questions. They also helped the students with useful research and presentation suggestions. Visits like this reinforce the ‘applied’ element of the AIM program. And we’ll continue to go on the road on Friday afternoons to present stocks to investment professionals. The students and I enjoy these opportunities."

On Friday, April 20th, five more AIM students presented their equity recommendations at Timpani Capital Management. The AIM students who presented their stocks were Taylor Nordmark, Dan Tallarico, Elizabeth Buckton, David Maio, and Mark McCanna. Dr. Krause said, “This marks the fourth year we have visited Timpani Capital Management. During each of the previous 'road shows' the students have received excellent feedback from the professionals at Timpani, which is located in northwest Milwaukee.” 

Timpani’s mutual fund offering is the Frontegra Timpani Small Cap Growth Fund (Ticker: FTSGX).  Dr. Krause, AIM program director added, "Timpani focuses on small cap stocks and employs an investment philosophy and approach very similar to that followed in the AIM program. The questions that Brandon Nelson, Ryan Isherwood, and Mike Klenn (MU AIM ’10) ask our students are always useful and help our students improve their research skills. We always enjoy the opportunity to visit Timpani Capital Management."

Dr. Krause stated, “On behalf of the students in the AIM program, we want to thank all of the companies that have hosted our ‘road trips’ the past several years. All of the student presenters agree about the benefits of these types of interactions. The questions and insights of investment professionals are highly beneficial and serve as an important element in the AIM program. What the AIM students learn in these interactions can't be found in text books - it can only be obtained by working with people experienced in security analysis.”

There will be two more sets of presentations that will be held this semester – these will be in the AIM Room on April 27th and May 4th. These presentations regularly are attended by investment professionals and Marquette’s finance and accounting faculty. More details about the events will be posted on the AIM blog at: