Tuesday, June 11, 2013

AIM Fixed Income Fund as of 6/10/2013

The AIM Fixed Income Fund has been an above benchmark performer since its inception in 2006. The current 2013 YTD returns are 4 bps above the benchmark (Barclays Total US Bond Market - Aggregate).

As the AIM graduates know, management of the fund is particularly challenging during the students' first semester in the program. The current fixed income environment is quite challenging with the hint of 'tapering' and the movement of rates over the past month (+60 bps).

The following information is current as of 6/10/2013 regarding duration (neutral) and holdings (tilt toward lower investment grade corporate bonds). If you have any thoughts about the portfolio and what tactical changes you recommend, please post them in the comment section. The students in the Class of 2014, who are presently at their summer internships, are seeking your inputs. Thanks.

AIM Fixed Income Fund as of 6/10/2013
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