Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dr. Krause’s Seattle Trip in May was Successful

During the last week of May, Marquette University and Seattle University combined for a Circles event – which was an evening of knowledge-sharing and networking. The Circles event included interactive roundtable discussions with industry experts and academic leaders who embody the Jesuit values share by the two universities.


Dr. Krause and Matt Grimm (AIM ’07, Cascade Investments, Seattle) conducted a breakout session entitled: *Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities: What Happens When Interest Rates Rise? [It sure looks like it was a timely topic!] The session was well attended with everyone participating in a lively discussion of the current economic and investment trends.

After the presentation, Krause and Grimm were joined at dinner by various Marquette alumni who work in the financial industry in the Northwest. It was a delightful evening and many excellent relationships were renewed and developed. What also helped lubricate the discussion was the inclusion of some excellent wines produced by Marquette University alumni Pat Dineen (http://www.dineenvineyards.com/) and Even Roberts (http://www.crowleywines.com/).

Prior to the Circles event Dr. Krause had the opportunity to travel to Redmond and meet Marquette alumni who work at Microsoft. The luncheon included: Rosanna (Montealegre) Bashinski [COBA ’01, Chief of Staff of the CFO]; Kevin P. Idzi [COBA ’00, Technical Architect]; and  Michael T. Spencer [COBA ’95, Finance Director]. These visits with alumni can be very productive – for instance, as a result of the meeting a recent AIM graduate was able to interview with Microsoft the following week for their financial rotational program – and he received an offer and will begin with them in July!

Following this event, Dr. Krause visited Cascade Investments (BGI), where he had the opportunity to meet up with many of his AIM alumnus, as well as meet with other Cascade investment and human relations professionals. The prior evening Dr. Krause also had the opportunity to have dinner with other Marquette alumni – including Katie Koutnik, Jason Weiner, Matt Grimm, Jacob Bear, and Ryan Denton. It was a fun evening on the pier enjoying Seattle’s finest seafood.
* STOCKS, BONDS AND COMMODITIES: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN INTEREST RATES RISE   With Matt Grimm, MU Bus Ad ’07, Investment Analyst, Cascade Investment, LLC; and David Krause, Ph.D., Director, Marquette University’s Applied Investment Management Program
Will the financial markets behave differently after the U.S. Federal Reserve stops supporting low interest rates? What is the outlook for different investments and commodities if interest rates eventually rise? Dr. David Krause and Matt Grimm will lead a roundtable