Monday, June 10, 2013

Marquette's College of Business Administration and the AIM Program Support 'Make a Difference - Wisconsin'


In the spirit of Marquette University’s mission of developing students as men and women for others, the Applied Investment Management program is proud to support the efforts of Make a Difference-Wisconsin (MAD-WI) in the promotion of financial literacy among Milwaukee area high school students.

In 2006, Make a Difference – Wisconsin was founded by local entrepreneur Lloyd Levin to address the growing number of teens graduating from high school without basic financial management skills. The program involves volunteers from the local professional community in the presentation of three seminars designed to encourage sound financial decision-making among students. Key topics covered in the program include budgeting and saving, checking accounts, credit cards, credit scores, and credit reports. The program is delivered over the course of six class periods at an area classroom, and may be presented individually or in pairs, and volunteers are encouraged to connect with the students by sharing personal and professional experiences related to financial literacy.

As more than 50% of current American adults are living paycheck to paycheck, teaching teens basic financial management knowledge is vital in preventing families from living a debt ridden lifestyle. Make a Difference – Wisconsin strives to build stronger communities where students and their families make informed financial decisions and take control of their financial future.

The AIM class was fortunate to have a visit from the MAD-WI Executive Director, Brenda Campbell, to promote the classroom volunteer experience among our students. AIM is pleased to have had AIM alumni and students participate in delivering seminars and assisting during events during the 2012-2013 academic year. We look forward to continued involvement in this valuable program in the years to come.

The Marquette University College of Business Administration is a proud sponsor of the 5th Annual Make A Difference - Wisconsin Investment Conference.  The Make A Difference investment conference was held in May and has become a must-attend annual event for local investors and investment professionals.