Saturday, June 22, 2013

AIM Fund Returns (as of 6/21/2013)

The financial markets have been challenging the past month. How have the AIM Funds performed?

AIM Equity Fund. YTD the fund is up 15.77% and is 1.83% above the benchmark. The past month has generated a -2.02% return (which was 137 basis points better than the Russell 2000 Index).

AIM International Equity Fund. YTD this fund is also up versus the benchmark (+155 basis points); however, the overall returns turned negative (-0.59%). The past month for non-US stocks has been brutal with the index off -8.55%. The AIM International Fund has more of an emerging market tilt than the index which explains the recent tough times for the fund. 

AIM Fixed Income Fund.   The YTD returns went negative (-3.12%) because of the rise in interest rates the past month. The AIM Fixed Income Fund is now lagging the benchmark because of the non-US bond exposure - and the greater US credit exposure - despite carrying a lower duration than the benchmark.