Friday, May 20, 2016

Marquette's Conor Connelly Placed 4th (out of 138 entries) in the CFA Society of Pittsburgh's Personal Finance Plan Competition

The CFA Society ofPittsburgh sponsored their 2nd annual “Collegiate Personal Finance Plan Competition” and seven Marquette AIM students entered. They were: Conor Connelly, Ryan Johnston, Joel Kretz, Mark Lakowske, Patrick Sanchez, Patrick Schulz, and Ryan Woo.

Conor Connelly
Conor Connelly
Nine colleges and 138  college students participated in the 2016 competition which required them to write a personal financial plan to help them achieve their financial and career goals. The CFA Society of Pittsburgh reviewed all of the plans and awarded cash prizes for the top financial plans. The results were announced in April and Conor Connelly was recognized as the author of one of the top submissions. 

K. Kulkarni
University of Pittsburgh
J. Gordon
University of Pittsburgh
B. Lacomis
University of Pittsburgh
Conor Connelly
Marquette University
S. Welsh
University of Pittsburgh
J. Pettner
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
S. Russell
Clarion University
8th - TIE
R. Heitlinger
University of Pittsburgh
8th - TIE
E. Nehuerz
Allegheny College
S. Bannerman
Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. David Krause, the director of Marquette’s AIM program, said "We are pleased for Conor - finishing in the top 10 out of 140 submissions is an honor. However, I know that by going through the practice of creating a financial plan for life after college graduation that all of our students have taken an important step towards controlling their financial future."

Dr. Krause added “We’d like to thank the Pittsburgh CFA Society and, in particular, Gene Natali, for allowing our students to compete. This was our first year in the competition and it was a very worthwhile effort. We look forward to participating in the future.”