Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The First Marquette University New York Alumni and Finance Students’ Video-Conference Was a Success

On Wednesday, September 22, 2010, a video-conference with the New York alumni and Marquette’s finance students was held. The one hour session, which featured 13 investment professionals presently working in NYC, originated from Citigroup’s 399 Park Avenue headquarters. A special thank you goes out to Citigroup’s Sue Harnett and Dan Williams (Marquette alumni) who organized the event – and to all the alumni who attended the event in person.

55 undergraduates majoring in finance were on the Milwaukee end of the video-conference in the AIM room on the 4th floor of Straz Hall on Marquette’s campus. The live video stream technology worked flawlessly with the cameras recording the speakers and participants in New York who were visible on the large projector screen in the AIM room. The camera zoomed in on the Marquette students as they asked questions of the NY alumni, who also were able to view the students in the audience in Milwaukee during the event.

Following the alumni introductions the students heard about the current ‘State of Wall Street.’ Sue Harnett, Dan Williams, and the other alumni talked about the current recruiting calendars and the prospects for full-time and internship opportunities in various major bulge bracket investment banks. This was followed by an extremely useful presentation from some of the recent MU grads about living and working in New York City. The formal presentation ended with an ‘Ins and Outs of Wall Street’ refresher. The remainder of the time was devoted to a student Question & Answer session which featured all of the NY-based alumni responding to the various queries.

Dr. David Krause, AIM program director, commented about the evening, "Much like the spring ‘Ins and Outs’ event, this was very successful. The insights and advice from our New York finance alumni are especially important for those Marquette students interested in careers in finance in New York and other major money centers.  This one hour event was highly informative and certainly piqued the interest of many sophomores and juniors who have never been exposed to these opportunities before. Like the ‘Ins and Outs’ in the spring, this is a unique opportunity to hear from people inside the New York financial community.”

Thanks go out to the following NYC-based Marquette alumni who were in attendance on the video-conference:
  • Ashley Beckner (Morgan Stanley)
  • Adam Bordner (Citigroup)
  • Steve Briggs (Bank of American / Merrill Lynch)
  • Matt Bruno (UBP Asset Management)
  • Sarah Clasing (Bank of American / Merrill Lynch)
  • John Dwyer (Credit Suisse)
  • Sue Harnett (Citigroup)
  • Steve Holtkamp (Morgan Stanley)
  • Amy Klemme (Morgan Stanley)
  • Ryan Loftus (JP Morgan)
  • Kimberly Moehle (Carlyle Group)
  • Joe Mrak (FolioDynamix) 
  • Dan Williams (Citigroup)