Monday, September 13, 2010

Three Investment Professionals from Mason Street Advisors Visit Campus

On Friday, September 10, three investment professionals from Mason Street Advisor (a Northwestern Mutual Company) visited Dr. David Krause's Fixed Income Securities class and the AIM program. Christi Kubiak, CFA; Quinn Noel, CFA; and Ray Auth (AIM '06), CFA, talked with students about Mason Street's approach to fixed income portfolio management. Dr. Krause (AIM program director) commented, "Their presentation was very well received and the dialogue in both classes was excellent. We enjoy professionals visiting us on campus as it greatly adds to the curriculum. It keeps the 'applied' in the Applied Investment Management program."

The three talked about the fixed income investment process employed at Mason Street and how they perform their various tasks. Ray Auth, an AIM alumnus, stressed the importance of understanding how the debt markets function and encouraged students to take an active interest in following bond yields and Federal Reserve policy. Krause said, "The in-class discussion is important because it brings the material in the text to life. I think a lot of students realize that the world of fixed income investing is much more complex than simply meets the eye. We look forward to Christi, Quinn, and Ray returning again next year."