Saturday, September 4, 2010

AIM Program Off and Running

The first week of the semester was highly productive for students in the AIM program at Marquette University. The activities included an outside speaker, student equity presentations, and an open house for aspiring future AIM students.

On Wednesday, September 1, Dan Tranchita (Baird Advisors) met with Dr. Krause's Fixed Income Securities class students and then with the AIM students. His presentation about the macro economy was well received - and well timed given the amount of economic data released this week.

On Friday, September 3, the first of 8 AIM student equity presentations was conducted. Nearly 50 people were in attendance in the AIM Room for the stock pitches of six AIM students (to view the write-ups follow this link). The presenters were: David Zakutansky, Shannon Lawton, Ethan Matter, Andrew Freedman, Herwin Yip, and Tim Hildebrand. The seven investment professionals in attendance asked numerous questions during the meeting and reported afterward how impressed they were with the students' analyses and presentations. Additionally, 12 AIM alumni who were unable to attend the presentations provided written questions regarding the stocks the students presented.

Also on Friday an 'open house' for students interested in the AIM program was held and over 30 students attended. Following a short overview of the program by Dr. Krause the students had an opportunity to talk with the AIM students in the Class of 2011. Many of the undergraduates stayed for the AIM equity presentations. All-in-all it was an excellent start to the beginning of the fall semester.