Saturday, September 25, 2010

Make a Difference - Wisconsin Officers Visit the AIM Program

On Friday, October 24, Brenda Campbell (Executive Director of Make a Difference - Wisconsin) and Robert Bukowski (Board Member of Make a Difference - Wisconsin and President of Alpha Investment Consulting Group) visited the students in the AIM Class of 2011.

Make A Difference – Wisconsin, Inc. (MAD-WI) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to enrich the community by empowering students to make informed financial decisions. MAD-WI engages volunteers from the local business and professional community in the delivery of financial education.

The Make A Difference – Wisconsin mission is to provide financial literacy programs and resources that empower students to make sound financial decisions. Their vision is to build strong communities where students and their families make informed financial decisions and take control of their financial future.

According to Ms. Campbell and Mr. Bukowski, "Studies show that U.S. teens are graduating from high school without solid financial management skills. The lure of credit card offers and check-cashing stores, combined with a lack of money management education, sets many up for financial crises that can last a lifetime. We want to change that."

The Make a Difference program consists of three seminars focused on budgeting and saving, understanding checking accounts, and understanding credit cards, credit history/scores, and credit reports. The program is typically delivered over the course of six visits to the classroom. Mr. Bukowski noted, "Volunteers present the program individually or in pairs and engage students by sharing personal and professional experiences related to financial literacy and through the use of several hands-on activities. I believe you would be very effective in talking with high school students about these important issues."

Brenda and Bob talked with the AIM students after class about how they can volunteer with Make a Difference. For more information about how you can volunteer with the organization to help ensure the success of our youth, our state, and economy go to the Make a Difference - Wisconsin web site

AIM program director, Dr. David Krause, strongly encourages his students to be actively involved in community service. He said, "MAD-WI is an outstanding organization that has the full support of Milwaukee's investment community - and we want to also be involved in helping achieve the mission. A few years ago, AIM student Andy Parker was very active with Brenda and the volunteers with Make a Difference - Wisconsin; I hope AIM students in this year's class step up to the challenge." To read a Marquette Warrior news article about Andy Parker's and Chris Teff's efforts to assist MAD-WI, go to: