Saturday, September 25, 2010

Geneva Capital Management Visits AIM Program

On Friday, September 24, Nicholas Bauer, CFA, Director of Institutional Sales & Marketing; Scott Priebe, Principal & Portfolio Manager; and Michelle Picard, CFA Principal & Portfolio Manager of Geneva Capital Management visited the AIM program. They talked with Dr. Krause about the AIM program and had an opportunity to meet a number of the students in the program.

Scott Priebe
Geneva Capital Management is located in Milwaukee and is an investment management firm offering investment management services to individual and institutional clients. The company was founded in January, 1987 by William A. Priebe, CFA and Amy S. Croen, CFA, veteran money managers with more than 60 years of combined experience.

Michelle Picard
Michelle J. Picard, CFA, joined Geneva in 1999 as Director of Marketing, was promoted to the position of Research Analyst in 2002, then Vice President, Portfolio Manager in the first quarter of 2005. Michelle became a Principal of the firm in the second quarter of 2006 and an Executive Vice President, Portfolio Manager in March of 2010. W. Scott Priebe, joined the firm as an Investment Analyst in 2004, and became a Principal in 2008 and also as of March 2010, became an Executive Vice President, Portfolio Manager. Joining the Investment Team in the spring of 2010 was Nicholas C. Bauer, CFA, Director of Institutional Sales & Marketing.

Geneva invests in high-quality, stocks with a proven and consistent record of growth. Geneva’s goal is to outperform the relevant index over a five year period, while maintaining a risk profile at or below the index's level. Dr. Krause, AIM program director said, "It was very interesting to watch Michelle, Scott, and Nick interact with the students. They knew many of the stocks the AIM students have pitched the past few weeks, so there were some useful exchanges of information. I know the students found the dialogue to be valuable."

Nick Bauer
Geneva’s philosophy focuses on the search for relatively undiscovered high-quality companies with superior management, leadership positions within their industries, and healthy historical and projected earnings growth. Geneva's objective is to find those companies which perform so well, the portfolio can hold the stocks for long periods of time, occasionally trimming the size of the position to take profits and maintain diversification. The Investment Strategy Group establishes extensive management and analyst contacts, and uses a proprietary valuation model that adds discipline to the investment process.

Dr. Krause said, "I was pleased that we had an opportunity to host Geneva Capital Management in the AIM room. The students and I recognized that they can add much value to classroom discussions about security selection and portfolio management. I'm going to be working to include them into next semester's class schedule - I think this is the beginning of a solid long-term relationship. I believe we can establish an opportunity for students to possible intern with Geneva and I certainly want Michelle, Scott, and Nick to serve as mentors to our students."