Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Jeff Bryden of JB Investments was the guest presenter in Marquette's Fixed Income course on Monday, November 21, 2016

The President and Chief Investment Officer of JB Investment Management, Jeff Bryden, was the guest speaker in Dr. Krause's Fixed Income and AIM courses
Jeff Bryden in the classroom
On Monday, November 21, 2016, Jeffrey Bryden (CFA), Founder, President and Chief Investment Officer of JB Investment Management, Brookfield, Wisconsin, visited Dr. Krause's fixed income and AIM classes. He has been a guest speaker in FINA 4065 and the AIM classes at Marquette over the past eight years. 

Image result for jb investmentDr. Krause said, “Jeff Bryden is an enormously knowledgeable investment professional and the students enjoy his fixed income presentations each semester. I know that they especially appreciate his ability to bring all of the elements of fixed income analysis and portfolio management into his presentation. He’s a strong public speaker who brings energy into the classroom each year – and as we near the end of the semester he does a great job putting all of the pieces of fixed income investing together.”
Bill Walker, Jeff Bryden and David Krause

Jeffrey Bryden’s firm, JB Investment Management, specializes in managing customized fixed income portfolios for institutions and selected individuals. Krause said, “He gives students insights into how he constructs and manages his portfolios – in addition, he helps them understand his firm’s fixed income investment process, strategy and investment philosophy.

The firm was founded in 2008 by Mr. Bryden. Based on his extensive experience obtained over the past three decades, he believes that combining the active management components available in the fixed income markets together with an effective, passive, index based approach available in the equity markets, allows investors to achieve the most successful and consistent investment results. He and his colleagues at JB Investment manage more than 100 separate accounts. 
Jeff Bryden of JB Investments

Dr. Krause continued, "Jeff has been visiting my classes at Marquette for the past eight years and he brings an interesting, practitioner’s perspective. He has managed a wide variety of bond portfolio strategies over the years and is able to effectively put into context for the students his approach as to how fixed income portfolios should be constructed to fulfill the client's specific goals and objectives. He again talked this year about how bond portfolios can be managed to provide income, control volatility, and match liability needs for fully taxable investors and non-taxable organizations."

Mr. Bryden engaged the AIM students in a discussion about their current AIM Fixed Income Fund holdings. Dr. Krause said, "Jeff played devil's advocate and forced the students to think about the potential risks they were exposing the portfolio to if they shortened duration of the portfolio. This is exactly the type of applied learning that students enjoy --- having a practitioner challenge their assumptions and defend their recommendations. It was an excellent class."

Jeff Bryden at Marquette University
Jeff Bryden graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ball State University in 1978 with dual degrees in Finance and Economics. Upon graduation he accepted a position with M&I Investment Management Corp. as their first Portfolio Manager dedicated to managing fixed income portfolios. He has also worked with Fiduciary Management; Reinhart, Mahoney & Bryden Capital Management; and Campbell Newman Asset Management. In 2008, Mr. Bryden founded JB Investment Management and established and developed a team of experienced investment professionals dedicated to providing unique expertise and customized investment-grade fixed income strategies together with passive index-based equity strategies. Assets under management have grown steadily over the years.

Dr. Krause concluded, "Jeff also talked about his firm's approach to fixed income portfolio performance measurement. He broke the Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Index into the various sub-components and he discussed the different duration and credit profiles of the various indexes - as well as how he views alpha generation in fixed income. This was a useful lecture for the students because we are currently covering bond portfolio management and performance measurement. It is great to have the practitioners into the classroom because they can bring the material in the CFA fixed income text to life."

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