Saturday, November 5, 2016

Marquette's Economic Department and the AIM Program Hosted an Economics/Finance Pre-Election Forum This Week

Marquette University’s College of Business Hosted an Economics/Finance Pre-Election Panel Discussion and Student Q&A Session on Thursday, November 3, 2016

Panelists at the Pre-Election Policy Forum at Marquette University

The Applied Investment Management (AIM) program and the Department of Economics at Marquette University assembled a panel of academics and practitioners to discuss the policy positions of the two presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The event was attended by over 50 students and faculty – it was held on Thursday, November 3rd.

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Dr. Joseph Daniels
The moderator of the event was Dr/ Joseph Daniels, Chair and Professor, Economics, Marquette University. The panelists included:

  • Christian Bartley, Managing Director, Faleiro (International Trade and Development), Washington D.C. (who joined the discussion remotely)
  • Thad Beversdorf, Finance Lecturer at Marquette University, avid blogger and a self-stated ‘reformed’ investment banker
  • Dr. John Davis, Professor, Economics, Marquette University
  • Dr. David Krause, Director Applied Investment Management & Assistant Professor, Finance, Marquette University
  • Dr. Kathryn Wagner, Assistant Professor, Economics, Marquette University
  • Dr. Richard A. Wall, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Professor of Economics and Finance, Canisius College

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Christian Bartley,
Managing Director, Faleiro
Topics covered during the discussion (and in the question and answer session that followed focused on: Healthcare (Affordable Care Act); Taxes (including carried interest, income taxes and repatriation); Financial market regulation (Dodd-Frank Act); Social Security and Medicare; Trade (Trans-Pacific Partnership and North American Free Trade Agreement); Foreign Policy; Immigration; Labor and wages (federal minimum wage); Economic Growth and Productivity; Monetary and Fiscal Policy; Environmental Policy; Student Loans, and Other Issues (including infrastructure spending, deficits, and the Federal Reserve Bank).

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Dr. Richard Wall
Each panelist focused on their area of resulting in a useful and lively discussion. Dr. Krause said, “The feedback after the event from the students was very positive. One student said they learned more in one hour at the event than they learned after watching Fox and CNN for over 20 hours. He said that it was great the panelists didn’t show partiality and were able to speak to the positions in detail of the two candidates.”

Dr. Joe Daniels said, “We’d like to thank all of the panelists for their time and expertise. The student Q&A was great and I wish we had more time to discuss the important economic and financial positions of the candidates. This was a very useful event and we were pleased with the students’ participation. I know I learned much from the assembled experts.”