Friday, September 23, 2016

Joe Frohna of 1492 Capital Management was the guest speaker in the AIM class on Friday, September 23rd

The AIM students learned about thematic investing

Joe Frohna of 1492 Capital Management
Joe Frohna, 1492 Capital Management’s founding principal and portfolio manager of the Growth Strategies and Core Alpha Strategy funds, was the guest speaker in the AIM program on Friday.

Mr. Frohna, seasoned manager of public and private funds for institutional and individual investors  since 1997, founded 1492 Capital Management. This Milwaukee-based investment firm focuses on finding small cap companies with superior growth characteristics. As he told the students, 1492 deploys a thematic approach in an attempt to leverage their fundamental research to identify key companies that will be participating in a particular high growth area of the economy.

Dr. Krause stated, “We enjoyed talking about emerging investment themes with Mr. Frohna. The students found his discussion about emerging companies and technologies to be fascinating. I know that they will begin looking at their sectors differently following Joe’s talk.”

Nick Christman, Joe Frohna and Dr. David Krause discuss IHS Markit
an international financial services firm
Mr. Frohna also talked to the students about micro-cap equity investing.  He discussed his approach to screening and identifying attractive opportunities. In 1997 he became the portfolio manager of the nationally recognized First American Small Cap Growth Opportunities Fund (formerly the Firstar Small Cap Growth and Firstar Microcap Fund). His experiences and thoughts about how to evaluate stocks in the micro-cap space were appreciated by the AIM students.