Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Chief Investment Officer of Johnson Financial Group, Brian Andrew, Visited the AIM Program

Brian Andrew, CIO of Johnson Financial Group, spoke to the Marquette University AIM students on Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

Brian Andrew and Dr. Krause
The students in Dr. Krause’s AIM Investments class had an opportunity to hear from Brian Andrew, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Johnson Financial Group.
Mr. Andrew talked about the active vs. passive investment debate – and provided the students with many important considerations to take into account. He clearly outlined the differences in the two approaches and made a strong case for using both passive and active investment strategies within a portfolio.

Image result for johnson bank logoBrian also provided important information about choosing an index fund carefully and having a methodology for identifying active managers who can be successful.
Dr. Krause said, “Brian did an excellent job in talking about how the assets under management by a manager is important to consider. Knowing how much an investor managers helps in understanding how they are likely to invest – and understanding the manager’s key performance drivers. He also talked about knowing now to measure and evaluate a manager’s performance cycle.”

Brian Andrew, CIO of Johnson Financial Group
Johnson Financial Group provides non-profit organizations and individuals with the investment strategies and education that needed to achieve their investment objectives. The firm consists of Johnson Bank, Johnson Insurance, and Cleary Gull Advisors. Brian indicated that you can follow him at Brian’s group specialties in: Asset Allocation; Portfolio Construction; Management; and Strategy.

Prior to being named the Chief Investment Officer at Johnson Financial Group in August 2015, he was the President and Chief Investment Officer at Cleary Gull – and prior to that he was a Principal and COO of 1492 Capital Management and President of Ziegler Capital Management and North Track Funds. Brian is a graduate of the CFA Institute/Harvard Investment Management Program. He also obtained his Bachelor of Science (BS), Business/Finance from the University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management.